DBM Angel Flights

DBM Angel Flights

DBM ministry team in Moscow

DBM Angle Flight Team in Moscow



Dale Paula Eric and Kara Black Land in Guatemala with DBM Angel Flight Load of Gospel Supplies


DBM Angel Flights have been conducted since 1981 when we began training and transporting lay ministers to take the gospel message of salvation and hope worldwide. Tens of thousands of Bibles have been distributed one-on-one and almost a million gospel tracts have been given to those who really want and need them. Airborne intercession flights were conducted over strategic cities, including the entire border of Israel. An orphanage and several churches have been built in various countries. Food, clothing and medical supplies/services have been provided to many in need. Our teams shared the light, life and love of God in powerful and personal ways.

These trips came to a sudden halt when Paula was diagnoses with cancer. Now we are praying for God to provide new leadership and team members to continue this fruitful work which has gone on for decades in over 60 countries. If you have an interest in learning more about joining a DBM Angel Flight or if you feel led of God to inquire about assisting in the leadership of a DBM Angle Flight please fill out the form below for more information.

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