What If There Had Been NO Easter? Capt. Dale & Paula Black

Here is an unthinkable question: What if there had been no Easter? What if Jesus Christ had NOT risen from the dead? What if there had been no Easter and instead of life, death had conquered? Dale and… Read More

Be An “Out-Of-The-Box BELIEVER” – Capt. Dale Black

Learn the 4-Easy Steps to living in victory as an “out-of-the-box believer”. You can let God out of your box of limitations whenever you want to. Jesus said, “Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do… Read More

What DO You Have In Your Hand? Capt. Dale Black

Two years and one month ago, Paula and I made our first WEB-TV video. It was pretty pathetic–but we did our best. You see we felt we had heard from the Lord to abandon plans of retirement and… Read More

Faith That Works – Paula Black

Does your faith falter when your prayers seem to go unanswered? What happens to your faith when circumstances turn against you? Do you let it go, thinking, “well that didn’t work!” Watch the NEW Video with Paula Black,… Read More

Peace In Tribulation – Paula Black

You’ve noticed the world getting crazier, right? We’re becoming accustom to hearing about terrorist acts or some catastrophe somewhere in the world. Bad news is on the rise and sadly violence is often the norm. In this new… Read More

Truth Or Lies – Capt. Dale Black

To God… truth matters. Therefore to His children it should also matter. Why is it important? First, it is in truth that we find safety. When we don’t discriminate between what’s true and what’s fake, we are vulnerable to being deceived…. Read More

Be Who God Wants You To Be – Capt. Dale Black

Being self-conscious is a major problem for a lot of believers. This has always been true but it’s even more so today. Self-consciousness often keeps us from doing the things God asks us to do because of our… Read More

Choose Love: Gain Power – Capt. Dale Black

Love is the first command Jesus gave to His followers. Love.  It sounds easy enough, but all too many Christians neglect acting lovingly. You may be one of those who is willing to admit you’re not living by… Read More

Majesty of Heaven – Capt. Dale Black

When someone learns that I have taken a journey to Heaven and back, they often ask me to share something of what I experienced. You may be surprised to learn that my immediate response is to emotionally push back… Read More

Death Is NOT the End – Capt. Dale Black

Do you sometimes wonder what it will be like when your life on earth is over? What will it feel like, as a believer in Jesus, when your body dies? Will you go immediately to heaven? Or will… Read More