Walk In the Power of God – Capt. Dale Black

FIRST PLACE AWARD First, a quick announcement and praise report. The Christian Film Festival has presented the distinguished FIRST PLACE award for the “Best Salvation Message“ to Visiting Heaven Short Film. This is the 10-minute trailer for the… Read More

A Fresh Start With God – Capt. Dale Black

Are you ready to make a fresh start with God? Whether you are a brand new believer, an experienced ol’ timer, or one who doesn’t yet have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, there is great… Read More

Prepare Yourself for Answered Prayer – Capt. Dale Black

It is important for every believer to regularly remind themselves of times when God has answered prayer. When we recount our past victories we stir up our faith to face our current challenge. This is what David did… Read More

Welcome to 2018 – Capt. Dale Black

This week people everywhere are beginning a new year. They are thinking about making a “fresh start.” Business owners are setting annual goals. Students are getting back into the grind of classes and study. While employees are starting… Read More

Power of Persistent Prayer – Paula Black

What do you do when your prayers don’t seem to get results? As Christians we believe in prayer. By faith we accept that prayer works. But why is it that sometimes our prayers seem to go unanswered? Watch… Read More

Visiting Heaven Documentary with Paula Black

You have likely noticed there are many stories being released these days about Heaven and life-after-death. There’s a problem, however. Too many are sharing their story for fame or profit and most are excluding the vital true message… Read More

2017 Christmas Greeting from Dale & Paula

We both are wishing you a very blessed Christmas season. Christmas is a time to focus on the joy of our salvation and the greatest gift in all the world… and in all of time—A Savior, Jesus. John… Read More

Christmas With Heaven’s Perspective – Dale and Paula Black

The joy and excitement of this time of year is unfortunately often accompanied by stress. May I suggest that you not allow yourself to become pressured by the holidays. Slow down. Spend some precious time alone with the… Read More

Let Your Light Shine During the Holidays – Capt. Dale Black

This is is a great time of the year to allow the light of God to shine through you. As you go through your activities with family, friends and your work or vocation, keep in mind that there… Read More

4-Tested-and-True Bible Tips for Dealing with Difficult Family Members (for the holidays) – Capt. Dale Black

How often have you wanted to avoid a holiday family gathering? Our families often include people who can rub us the wrong way—especially during holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Maybe they use family gatherings as an opportunity… Read More