Is It God’s Will To Heal Me? Capt. Dale Black

Most Christians believe that God can heal but they seldom ever see it happen. Therefore, they wonder, “Will God heal me?” The Holy Spirit spoke through the prophet Hosea when he said, “My people are destroyed for lack of… Read More

Rapture – Feast of Trumpets by Paula Black

Within hours of posting this eNewsletter, a very important date arrives which is extremely significant to those in God’s family.  It is the Feast of Trumpets. Why is this significant? It was the feast given to God’s people… Read More

What Every Christian MUST Have in 2017 – Dale and Paula Black

Most Christians today vastly underestimate their need for the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily life. If you wonder how I can be so sure this is true, it is because Paula and I see people… Read More

A Personal Prayer for Your Healing from Capt. Dale Black

Are you struggling with a physical or emotional need? In this video I am praying for your healing. If you desire a touch from God please listen to this prayer… slowly, and carefully. Absorb the words – and… Read More

Why Aren’t More Christians Healed? Capt. Dale Black

Have you ever wondered why healing from God often doesn’t seem to work? This week’s question is, “Dale, why do so few Christians get healed these days?” We need God’s POWER to experience real miracles. So let’s turn… Read More

Special Prayer for Those In Accidents – Capt. Dale Black NEW VIDEO

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Paula and I are pleased to bring to you these special prayers of faith for your personal healing.  The prayer video today is for those who have suffered in an accident…. Read More

Why Am I So Afraid? by Capt. Dale Black

We trust you will enjoy another “Message From Heaven” by Dale Black made especially for partners. This video answers a common question: Why am I afraid? These days of uncertainty require the constant use of the antidote for… Read More

How Can the Holy Spirit Help Me? by Capt. Dale Black

Who is the Holy Spirit? Why is the Holy Spirit important in your life? The following question came in this week, “How can the Holy Spirit Help Me?” That is a great question …. and it’s answered in… Read More

The HOLY SPIRIT: God’s Strength In You – Capt. Dale Black

Paula, Kara and I have experienced considerable technical difficulties this week with our Web TV equipment and so instead of sending you a video today we chose to share these thoughts that the Lord has put on our… Read More

Be Strong and of Good Courage – Capt. Dale Black

True courage comes from trusting God. It can’t be faked or mentally drummed up. Courage comes from believing what God says regardless of what the circumstances look like. Courage is derived from faith! “Be strong and of a… Read More