Supernatural Peace in times of TERROR- A Message From Heaven by Capt. Dale Black

   In John 16:33 Jesus said, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  Praise the Lord!… Read More

Is It God’s Will to Heal Me? – Dale & Paula Black: “Life, Healing and God”

At one time or another each of us deals with sickness or disease. It’s one of the curses of this world. But the great news is that faith in God’s Word brings life and healing to your spirit,… Read More

GOD, MONEY and YOU – Capt. Dale Black

Money… what a hot topic. In this world each of us need money and therefore desire it, but what place does money hold in our lives? You can have plenty of it as far as God is concerned…. Read More

Be Who God Wants You To Be – Capt. Dale Black

Be who God wants you to be–not what others want to see. No longer be dominated by the fear of man’s opinion. Instead be motivated by faith in what God can do through your life. After all, He… Read More

Are Angels Just For Kids? – Capt. Dale Black

As children, many of us heard that we each had our own personal guardian angel. As kids, it was a comforting thought. With monsters lurking behind the closet door and creepy things crawling beneath the bed, it was… Read More

When Can You Trust God? Capt. Dale Black

One of the biggest lies Satan tries to throw our way is that God is to blame for much of the difficulty we are going through. But please, don’t fall for Satan’s schemes. He is a liar and… Read More

Your Invitation to Partner in Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Would you like to be part of a growing movement… that changes lives? Do you want your life to make a difference for eternal purposes? Together we’re strengthening God’s kingdom in this world as we reach hundreds of… Read More

The Majesty of Heaven – Capt. Dale Black

Learn about TWO aspects of Heaven that are seldom discussed and are beyond “what is seen and heard.” According to the only survivor of a plane crash, and author of THE HEAVEN SERIES and FLIGHT TO HEAVEN, there… Read More

Encourage Yourself in the Lord – Capt. Dale Black

Whatever is happening in your life right now, please don’t allow discouragement and despair to rob you of the wonderful future God has prepared for you. Regardless of how severe or distressing your situation might be, the pain… Read More

What If There Had Been NO Easter? Capt. Dale & Paula Black

Here is an unthinkable question: What if there had been no Easter? What if Jesus Christ had NOT risen from the dead? What if there had been no Easter and instead of life, death had conquered? Dale and… Read More