Update February 7, 2017. We are grateful to God that He has now provided ALL of the funds needed for this first edition of the first book in the HEAVEN Series and some left over for outreach. Thank you, precious brothers and sisters. We are $500 above the goal of $6,000. Now we can get started with the all important editing to hopefully make this a literary classic. Praise the Good Lord for you, our partners, for being such a wonderful team of faithful co-workers for Christ. May God bless you with ONE-HUNDRED fold returns. DP

About The HEAVEN SERIES Book Project: “Sitting atop this large golden stand was a huge book, the likes of which I had never seen. It was astoundingly beautiful, bound in a cover made of solid pearl with gold lattice wrapped around the edges. This book was clearly special and the size seemed enormous. It was filled with light that shined from within its cover. For a brief moment I wondered what this great volume could be, and why the angel had directed me to it. But as before, as quickly as the question fully formed, I understood. This was the Book of Life.”- Excerpt from the upcoming HEAVEN SERIES books by Capt. Dale Black

When Dale wrote Flight To Heaven, at that same time he also wrote down his entire Heaven experience.  The complete experience was meant only for family after Dale departed this earth. He was not comfortable sharing more than he did in Flight to Heaven. Over the years he has been asked countless times to tell the entire story.  After 40 years of waiting to tell the story, it all came to a head 7 years later. Here’s what happened.

Night after night Dale was awakened with the dream of Jonah and the whale. Many nights Dale could not sleep because of a heavy heart of conviction. You see, it seemed that God wanted Dale to release the entire story but Dale disagreed. You know the story of Jonah, right? Jonah was sent to Nineveh but refused to go. Finally, Jonah surrendered to God’s will just in time to save many lives, including his own. Likewise, after years of waiting, and what Dale calls the “Jonah call” the Lord has given confirmation that he must share his all of his remarkable story in book form which being called the HEAVEN SERIES.

HEAVEN: SECRETS OF LIFE AFTER DEATH will be the first volume in a multi-book series, in which Dale shares his in-depth account of dying and visiting Heaven, including shocking detail inside the Celestial City. He touched briefly on some of these events in the book Flight To Heaven, which reveals wonderful and nicely written aspects of heaven, but its primary purpose is to describe God’s ways and how He works in our life on earth.

This new Series will take you beyond the details of his out-of-body experience and will share more about the angels who escorted him and the truths Dale learned that changed and deepened his understanding. It will change you too.

Throughout this HEAVEN SERIES, the glories of the City of God will be shared in magnificent detail, including the gardens and wonders surrounding the City Wall, the beautiful Gate of Pearl, the Book of Life, and his visit with his family and other loved ones deep inside the City. You will learn about the Centers of praise and worship that occur continually inside Heaven, where children go, what happens to babies, a glimpse into the physical laws that govern Heaven, and so much more.

You will learn many personal experiences and revelations about God and about His love for you and all of His creation, that your life will forever be strengthened. We believe this book will encourage and inspire all who read it.

If your heart is stirred, you can help. Each book in the HEAVEN SERIES needs to be edited professionally, published as an e-book and paperback. We are asking for financial help with a gift of any amount. We are also asking the Lord to lead 6 people to give $1,000 or more for the first book in the HEAVEN SERIES.

As one of the $1,000 or more donors to this project, your name will be included at the FRONT of the books FIRST edition with a grateful “Thank You” as a sponsor. Please pray about being used for this wonderful purpose. Thank you and God bless.

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Note: This work has had a name change which is different than the image to the left. It is now called the HEAVEN SERIES and the first of several books is “Heaven: Secrets of Life After Death” by Capt. Dale Black. This work is in progress and is waiting for additional funding to complete.

To learn more read on:  Book 1 – Heaven: Secrets of Life After Death

So many of you have asked if I experienced more than I shared in my book Flight To Heaven. The quick answer is “oh yes!” After hearing from the Lord and much prayer, I believe it is time to share the entire story. I am still awed by the God and my experience in Heaven and, of course it has changed me… big time. I also believe, you will be strengthen in your spiritual walk with the Lord when you learn what I was taught.

I will share personal experiences and revelations of God and His love that changed me forever. I do not share these things to tickle ears or entertain, I don’t write for profit or earthly gain, but only for glorifying God and sharing the truths of Heaven with His people to strengthen and encourage all who read with open hearts.

Heaven is real and it is a destination not to be missed. My earnest prayer is that by sharing my journey, many more will choose Jesus and join God’s family for eternity in the most glorious and perfect place imaginable.

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