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The Movie Project – updated June 27 13:04

This wonderful project is still progressing through the tedious process of finding the “right” partnerships and funding that will hold to the integrity of the story. A large studio whose name is being withheld has apparently come forward with a lucrative offer for funding, however the producers felt like the studio may not grasp the magnitude of the screenplay, so the search continues.

A well-known actor who has agreed to be part of this project is making some changes on the screenplay at this time. Other talent is being interviewed and considered at this point also.

Please continue praying for this vitally important project where eternal issues are so clearly at stake. Thank you for those who have participated and we apologize for not being able to give specific details including names and dates as we are continually being instructed that “hush-hush” is paramount until they are ready to make public announcements.

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  1. God bless you all , we’ve come to the Kingdom Age, of the Lord of Hosts, in the earth; yours and your wife’s testimonies , are being shared with boldness and God’s power, and Capt. Black, i’m certain you won’t lose your reward in JesusChrist here nor in Heavens. I was born in Cuba and thru the struggles of a foreigner i can see with the revelation of testimonies like yours that it is possible to live for God and have a free of sin life in the process, keep the love for the souls, and may God give you and your family long life full of blessings and joy in this earth .

    • Dear Brother Odelman, Thank you so much for your encouraging words! May God continue to bless you and as you speak, in boldness what Jesus has done for you, in Cuba! He loves you Brother!
      I will relay this message to Capt. Dale and Paula! -LR Prayer Coordinator

  2. Not trying to be negative, I’m pretty thrilled that your amazing book is being made into a movie! But having read & loved so many books regarding near death experiences & especially Heavenly ones, & including yours which I love so much, I’ve seen movie making come no where NEAR to giving the story justice. As a matter of fact most movies have been terrible. I’m not trying to be rude in any way, just trying to help from what I’ve seen. The last movie that came out on Don Pipers nde was so awful people were walking out of the theatre half an hour into it. I wouldn’t like the same thing to happen to your TRUE story. Even some of Mark Burnetts popular Bible series was disappointing to me as a lot of the Bible ‘characters’ looked like half crazed cavemen most of the time. My personal belief is that the people in the Bible if anything, were exceptional in the sense that they heard Gods voice, & most of the time, obeyed it. I apologize if I seem rude, I’m not trying to be, just trying to help. Hopefully no terrible actors or sappy screenplay will be in yours! I will definitely be praying it doesn’t get ruined by producers who have no clue the incredible reality they will be putting on to the big screen.
    God bless all of your endeavors on this fantastic project! If done well, can’t wait to see it and tell all my family and friends to!

    • Oh Sister Rachel, This is Capt. Dale’s and Paul’s desire that God will use this movie to glorify Himself. There is a lot of warfare going on and it is no accident that you wrote this. I will relay it to Capt. Dale and Paula. Please PRAY for this project! Capt. Dale took years to write the screen play and they are wanting to change it. God is bigger! God bless you dear Sister!…-LR Prayer Coordinator.

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