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BOOK ONE: Secrets of Life After Death

September 23, 2017 10:16 AM

The first book of the HEAVEN series by Capt. Dale Black is called HEAVEN: Secrets of Life After Death. Over the last two years it has been being written and edited. Dale has been able to write only about two hours per day, five days a week, due to the many other tasks taking his attention. His time is split between writing, speaking, teaching and editing videos and ministering to the unchurched, just to name a few. This summer has included a huge move as well.

Ten of the twelve chapters are now written and edited. The final two chapters are close to completion as well. The book is likely to be completed by the first of October. Therefore, sometime toward the end of the month of October 2017 “Book 1” should be finished and made available. Those who have contributed toward the book project will be getting the first signed copies gratis.

Please keep this book series, as well as Dale and Paula, in your prayers. Also continue to ask God to send forth additional financial assistance for publicity and marketing so that many can be made aware of this series. We believe these books bring glory to God and answer many questions of believers and non-believers alike. It is also an effective soul winning tool.

Understanding death, eternity and what Heaven is really like, can help lead many to accept their need for a Savior as well as strengthen those who have already taken that step.

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