Update March 18, 2017: Praise the Lord that this week, due to the faithful and generous giving of God’s people, we have ordered a new professional 4K video camera that is many times better than what we have currently. It will take about 3 weeks to get all this set up and learn how to us, but soon this will allow us to produce much better videos that meet the criteria for television quality. In addition we were able to order some technical and accessory equipment that will help us move forward in our Web-TV goals which will allow us to reach many more with the power of God’s Word. To let you know how God’s word is going forth, approximately 550 viewers watch DBM Video each day, and these viewers are coming from 15 different countries….each day. Isn’t God Good? Thank you partners and friends.

Update March 9, 207:  We are stunned and pleased, humbled, grateful and praising the Lord. Dear partners, who has asked to remain anonymous, have stepped forward and funded the entire balance of the Phase I WEB-TV Project. Yesterday we had 319 pixels still needing to be sponsored in order to complete Phase I of this gospel outreach program. Today our need is abundantly met! With this latest gift the need is entirely met and we have another example of a FOREVER FAITHFUL GOD. We are grateful to all of you who have given. May God bless you back multiplied over.  Together we are reaching the un-churched in wonderful ways. 84,900 reached now. Thanks be to God. And thank you, dearest friends. Dale & Paula

Update Feb. 25, 2017. Thank You Jack Maendel again! Jack’s automatic monthly donation of one-pixel-a-month helps immeasurably. Thank you, everyone for your prayers and your financial giving. Did you notice? We’re over 80,000 viewers on the DBM Channel now with 612 subscribers. (There are two other channels of our videos that we don’t control so in total that’s over 300,000 views now). This morning we got a wonderful email and gift from a sister in Japan who has been blessed by the video teachings. The gospel goes forward. Praise His name!

Update Feb. 4, 2017. Our Lord has moved upon three people this week to donate toward the WEB-TV Project, for a total of 15.5 Pixels. This brings the total pixels donated up to 79 pixels out of our goal of 400. Thank the Lord! And thank you partners and donors. Our eye is on 3 different facilities and when we get close to about 200 pixels (maybe sooner if we receive favor) we’ll likely start moving in. This will give us a much needed studio space, a place to conduct Life, Healing and God Workshops, as well as office space. Several have asked if a live Bible Study could be started once we are established in a facility and Dale and Paula have enthusiastically agreed. Keep checking back for updates, and again thank you.

Update Dec. 27, 2016: God has moved on two people who have given at Christmas time, a total of 12.5 pixels. Thank you for listening to the voice of the Lord for this vital gospel outreach. The Web-TV project is up to 63.5 Pixels. We are rejoicing as we go about doing the work of the Lord.  DP

Update Dec. 10, 2016 and (updated December 6, 2016)
Please read the caption below the WEB-TV Image…Thank you for bring the pixel donation to 51 now. The LIFE, HEALING and GOD program is getting set up. and thanks for your help.

Updated November 18, 2016 (formerly the DBM TV-Video Project).
Because of your help, over 100 Videos have been produced and published. Since this project began, over 200,000 have viewed these videos and we have received countless emails, letters and phone calls validating that the gospel is landing on fertile soil. Many are hearing the word of God for salvation, health and healing, and much more. God’s Word is true and great fruit is being produced.

Beginning now we are re-focusing the TV Video Project into WEB-TV weekly episodes of LIFE, HEALING and GOD which will bring weekly teaching about the Spirit – Soul – Body Approach to healing. By treating root issues of sickness and disease, as well as aligning with God’s original design, God’s children gain control over their health and find healing from the inside out, literally. Watch the Video called JOIN THE MOVEMENT. You can help by supporting the WEB-TV Project now. Not only will we produce weekly WEB-TV programming but we will provide LIVE, in-person seminars, and in-depth workshops starting as soon as the funds are available to rent one of several facilites which are avilable in the Carlsbad, CA area. JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Together we can defeat sickness and disease in the Body of Christ.

Thank you, partners and friends. As of today we have 48 of 400 pixels donated. This is a great way to give back to God and we are grateful to be part of His plans and purpose in these days. To donate toward the WEB-TV & Seminar Project (formerly the DBM TV-Video Project), click below. All Donors will have their names included on the wall plaque inside the studio facility. The size of the lettering will depend on the amount of total pixels donated. We need your help asap so click below or go to the Giving Page on this website.

You May DONATE Here: http://daleblack.wpengine.com/giving/   

Thank you!
Dale and Paula
(Posted earlier)  Project Launch February 4, 2016
After considerable sacrifice and a year of preparation (including a 40-Day fast), Paula and I are completely ready to abandon any plans of retirement and begin preaching and teaching God’s Word full time for the rest of our lives. We feel led to start with online TV.

With the exception of one amazing woman who helped finance the book Life, Cancer and God, my wife and I have personally provided 90% of ministry expenses for 18 years. Although we didn’t have to ask others for money, this method is slow and much less fruitful. Now we believe we are to ask for help so we can fulfill our God-given mandate: teaching people to experience the Living God, to walk in His blessings and create passion for their lives. We are also helping many discover that God’s will is to heal and that cancer is reversible.

In order to bring you quality Christian online TV, we need cameras, lighting, computer, monitors, and various associated equipment to fulfill this call. We’re calling this the DBM Video/TV Project. We have broken down what is needed into representative pixels… 400 pixels paid (at $200 a pixel) gets us well underway.

Can you help? Are you willing to support this effort of preaching the gospel and strengthening the believer? Help us bring quality Christian programs right into your home while building God’s kingdom worldwide. Will you partner with us today?

Thank you. God bless you.
Pastor Dale and Paula

To give, click the link to “Donate”below.  ** Please write “TV” in the comments / prayer section in the donation process. You can watch for updates on this site. We’ve been called of God. We have accepted this call with sacrifice. We ask for help to fulfill it. *If you prefer to give by check or money order please make donation payable to Dale Black Ministries and mail to: P.O. Box 175, Temecula, CA 92593. To make a donation by phone call 951-526-2101 and leave a message. Please be patient, someone from our part-time volunteer staff will call you back. Thank you very much!

You May DONATE Here: http://daleblack.wpengine.com/giving/        Thank you!