Winning Over Cancer Ministries

Winning Over Cancer Ministries

The first step towards preventing and curing cancer is understanding exactly what it is, and how it forms. Secondly, you should know what your options are and the pros and cons of each–from mainstream medical to alternative natural approaches. This helps you know how to pray with focus, make necessary lifestyle changes, and it also allows God to instruct on how to deal with root issues, not just symptoms.

God wants you well. He created your body to heal itself. If you get into agreement with His design, you regain your health.

Cancer has reached epic proportions worldwide and is doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why the current treatment model (chemo, radiation, surgery) isn’t working. By treating the whole person–body, soul and spirit–you can fight and win the battle over cancer. Paula Black did, thousands more are winning their battle every day and so can you.

Three websites are being combined at this time:; Life, Healing and God, and Life, Cancer and God. Check back soon and you will find Winning Over Cancer Ministries led by Dale and Paula Black. In the meantime, you may enjoy many of the teaching videos at our YouTube Channel called Dale Black Ministries.

Here’s one video you may need right now: